Events Overview

FC Events


From large scale to bespoke events, we ignite our audience’s passion directly by engaging with them on the ground.

The Fast Company Innovation Festival

Four days of inspiration and creativity in New York City.

5,000 participants, 100 Fast Tracks, 150 Speakers

The Counter-Conference

Spanning two days and covering all parts of Los Angeles, FC/LA celebrates the annual Most Creative People in Business list with opportunities for purposeful networking, interactive workshops and experiences, and more.


The premier destination for tech-loving and creativity-seeking influencers. Unparalleled networking, product demos, parties and more.

Bespoke Events

From intimate dinners to pop-up shops, our team of event coordinators, attendee marketers, expert speakers will tailor the perfect event experience for your brand.   

Editorial Alignment

With creativity at our core, and vibrant storytelling in our DNA, we drive progress and innovation within our community—and push the world forward.


Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.


Inspiring stories about innovation and business, seen through the lens of design.


News, infographics, and videos about the future of energy, electric cars, the environment, and food.


Creativity in the converging worlds of advertising, entertainment, and technology.

Display Studio

From high-impact placements to custom native content. We target the right message to your audience.

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Awarding the companies and people that are the change agents, whether in the food space, urban planning, or many more. Fast Company is identifying and celebrating the community of ambitious rebels.


Good design is good for business. Innovation by Design spotlights the best products, services, and ideas in design that are making a difference using an expert panel of judges. We give permission to push boundaries and affect change through value-driven ideas.


We need world changing ideas because the world still needs a lot of changing. When Fast Company talks about World Changing Ideas, we focus on examples of how advances in science, technology, or simply a different kind of thinking can address the litany of challenges facing our societies today.

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